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A brief discussion on the transmission mode of the belt drive balance machine

Author: Admin Source: Day: 18-08-03

The belt drive balancing machine is another classification of the balance machine. It adopts the belt drive to ensure the balance quality and precision of the workpiece, and the ring belt transmission is easy to load and unload, and the working efficiency is very high. This kind of balancing machine is widely used in the balance correction of electronic rotors, electric tools and other parts. So, how many kinds of transmission do it have? Let's see it together.

There are three ways to drive the belt conveyor balancing machine: belt drive, coupling drag and self drive.

The ring belt dragging is the use of rubber ring belt or silk ring belt to drag the rotor by the motor pulley, so the rotor surface must have a smooth cylindrical surface and the balance precision is high.

The coupling drives the main shaft of the balancing machine with the rotor. The couplet drag is characterized by a rotor that is suitable for the irregular appearance of the rotor. It can transmit large torque, which is suitable for dragging a high wind resistance rotor such as the fan. The drawback of the couplet drag is that the imbalance of the coupling itself will affect the rotor (so the coupling should be balanced before use), and the influence of the coupling will also be introduced. Balance accuracy, and in addition to do a large number of connecting plates to adapt to different types of rotor.

Self driving is the rotation of the rotor itself. The self drive is a drag method that has the least influence on the balance precision, and the balance precision can be up to the highest, but only the special rotor allowed by the structure can use the drag mode.

The above is the three transmission modes of the belt drive balancing machine.